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Download free business software applications

Business Applications or also known as business software that are normally used by business owner to perform several business tasks. It is used to maximize productivity, to measure productivity and to be able to perform business functions accurately.
The applications has interface that can be customized based on the user’s needs. Query, modification and input data can be customized and can be view immediately. It also allows running of report based on the specification of the person administering the software. Some are set up to run based on the predetermined or specified time, event and type of business of the subscriber. Wherein it does not require manual command from time to time or monitor the activities.
There are software that are built specially for the business owner or bought from the vendors. These kinds of programs are usually installed on desktop or on big servers.

The applications can cater several types of users such as small, medium and large environment. Small business market are normally consists of home users that avails accounting software and office suites. Medium size market has wider scope, from accounting application, groupware, customer relationship management, human resources software, outsourcing relationship management, loan origination software, shopping cart software, field service software, and other productivity enhancing applications. Larger matrix cover numerous enterprise like field in enterprise resource planning, enterprise content management, business process management and product lifecycle management.
It is important to be able to achieve the goal profits by means of cutting costs and motivational tool.

PDFCreator (v1.6.1)

4,563 downloads last week

Softi Scan to PDF (v2.50)

895 downloads last week Portable (v3.2)

740 downloads last week

Office XP Service Pck3(SP3) (vfull-file update)

604 downloads last week

Microsoft Office 2003 Update: Service Pack 2 (vSP2)

538 downloads last week

Microsoft OneNote (v2003)

510 downloads last week

Adobe PageMaker (v7.0.2)

456 downloads last week

Excel Viewer 2003 (v1)

338 downloads last week

Fax Machine (v6.06)

179 downloads last week

Office Timeline 2010 (v1.08.20)

151 downloads last week

Workflow Designer (v4.20)

147 downloads last week

Compagny Logo Designer (v2.12)

143 downloads last week

Easy PDF Converter (v6.2)

132 downloads last week

Business Card Designer Plus (v10.2)

118 downloads last week

My Tattoo ID (v6.0.3.2)

113 downloads last week

Print Envelope (v3.1.0.3)

111 downloads last week

Netpas Distance (v3.1)

63 downloads last week

CutMaster 2D Professional (v1.3.3.1)

56 downloads last week

GPServ GPS Tracking Software (v1.0)

54 downloads last week

Messenger for eFax (v4.4.0.514)

38 downloads last week

PDF To BMP JPG TIF Converter (v2.2)

28 downloads last week

Snapshot Viewer (v10.0)

24 downloads last week

Punch It RT (v4.0.4)

11 downloads last week

Breme Address Book (v3.0.0.9)

2 downloads last week

eToro (v1.135)

downloads last week