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The interchange of the thoughts and ideas between two persons or more can be well called as communication. Communication is not only a verbal one but can be done without even speaking a word before others. The main word called as the communication can be divided into two basic forms those are non-verbal as well as oral communication. The non-verbal communication can be done by actions as well as by the body language, written or by visual messages and the verbal one is well known to all of us. The written communication is also a part of the non-verbal communication.

The sphere of communication is not only limited to a fixed geographical area, but it has spread over long distances. Now a day communication between continents has become a matter of few seconds with advanced technologies. Now coming to the in depth of the communication, the main mode of communication is based upon the language or else we can say on the dialect that one uses which one of the most common form of communication that is used. The non-verbal communication is carried out in numerous forms as said above by body-language, facial gesture, and even by dressing and styling of a person. The paralanguage is also a part of the non-verbal one even though it comes under the speech. Communication can be a direct communication as well as indirect communication. The hindrances between communications can be physical, psychological and even physiological. Communication is indeed one of the most important parts of our life.