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Desktop is the screen you get to after your computer has successfully booted. To be more precise it contains the shortcuts to ‘My Computer’, ‘My Documents’ and other shortcuts. It has a background picture. Though some preinstalled pictures are available to choose from. You can also personalize your desktop background with your favorite pictures. You can also store the files, you use very often such as some of you favorite songs, favorite pictures or it can be even some of your office documents. Instead of opening your hard drive to access the file you need the most, you can keep the shortcut of those files in your desktop. Similarly instead of clicking on the start button and performing a particular task, what you can do, is keep a shortcut of those programs in your desktop. Nowadays in some of the latest version of Windows, you can even keep a number of gadgets in the desktop.

This helps a person in multi-tasking. You can directly view the weather condition of a particular place in the world, or can even check out the performance of the CPU of that particular computer, or can even check out the latest or updated monetary conversion rates. Thus, a desktop is a place which helps you to control every particular program with an ease. In simpler words a desktop is an elegant place to store your mostly used files. It is an impeccable place to start exploring your ideas. You can even check out the level of battery in your laptop or can even toggle between the available wireless networks.