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.Net is one of the most commonly used programs all over the world for the development of the web pages. It is well known as the type of generic top level program introduced in 1985 by the company called VeriSign. Later the Microsoft house developed the .Net software and it was released in 2002 with a bang. The development of the applications base on the .Net has become much easier and user friendly as Microsoft is providing complete library and outstanding language interoperability throughout. The particular environment that is used for the software of this kind is known as the common language runtime.

The software provides loads of activities to be done like the data access, dataconnectivity, web application, which has got, quite a large number of choices to choose from. Microsoft has also introduced the (IDP) that is, integrated development program, which is used for the run time application of this software developed by the Microsoft Corporation. The name of the program is Visual Studio. Embedded device share also included in the same family and well accepted by theusers all over the world. .Net has been well applied in almost all over the world in development of the applications, and it has been reported that this software of Microsoft has proved to be one of the highest grosser in revenue recovery all over the world. Truly, this software by Microsoft has revolutionized the application and web page development industry to several folds from its release, thus we find justified reason for its popularity.

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (v4)

6,044 downloads last week

Microsoft.NET Framework Redistribuable (v2.0)

5,430 downloads last week

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 (v1)

519 downloads last week

Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable Package (v3.0)

431 downloads last week

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Pack... (v8.0.50727)

239 downloads last week

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 (v1)

232 downloads last week

Upgrading to Microsoft Office 2003 (vAll)

206 downloads last week

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile (v4)

132 downloads last week

Microsoft Experience Pack for Tablet PC (v1)

50 downloads last week

Edraw UML Diagram (v6.8)

34 downloads last week

Dot Net Check (v1)

12 downloads last week

dotConnect for Oracle (v7.4.146)

9 downloads last week

Microsoft .NET Framework SDK version 1.0a (v1)

8 downloads last week

Art Buttons for ASP.NET (v1.0)

7 downloads last week

NMath Stats (v3.5)

4 downloads last week

Entity Developer Express (v5.0.9)

3 downloads last week

ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 (v1)

2 downloads last week

Spire.PDF for .NET (v2.5.7)

1 downloads last week

Ultimate FTP Expert Package (v5.1.12221)

1 downloads last week