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Download free Genealogy Software

To start with this software, one must know what the base of the software is. The Genealogy software acts as the storage house of a person’s details, which mainly includes, the date of birth, place of birth, all the details of the history like the parent’s details, after marriage number of children, the name of the spouse or so. In simple words, one can say that it does the complete management of the details of the person’s personal data. One can even add up the pictures, multimedia presentations, all the notes of a person, and the citations without doubt. This software has advanced in the last few years as nowadays one can publish the details in the HTML format.

The sharing mode of the details can be easily done with the help of this software. Several institutes, mostly the central government institutes maintain the citizens’ details as a part of their census. They use these types of Software in a large amount. One can easily go for any type modifications needed with the details. Now coming to the sharing aspect of the software one can easily go for share in one basic format which is GEDCOM format.

The export of the files can be done in this format only. It is always recommended working directly with these types of formats for ease of the exports. This software can produce the details in charts and graphs that are extremely concise and easy to assess by the users while working with data.

Family Tree Builder (v6.0.0.5634)

497 downloads last week

My Family Tree (v2.0.4)

209 downloads last week

Simple Family Tree (v1.32)

130 downloads last week

GenoPro 2011 (v2.5.4.1)

99 downloads last week

Family Tree Legends (v5.31)

50 downloads last week

RootsMagic Essentials (v5.0.3.1)

40 downloads last week

GreatFamily (v2.2.2)

22 downloads last week

Brother’s Keeper (v6.6.5)

10 downloads last week

Ancestral Quest (v12.10.33)

10 downloads last week

GENViewer (v1.02)

6 downloads last week

Ahnenblatt (v2.74)

6 downloads last week

Osk (v4.71.1)

4 downloads last week

GENViewer Lite (v1.0)

3 downloads last week

Kith and Kin Pro (v3.2)

2 downloads last week

TreeDraw (v)

downloads last week