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Download free Other Educational Softwares

The whole range of educational software, those are available in the market has given much more than it was all thought. The other educational software not only includes the school going children’s needs, but almost anything and everything has come under its shelter. The tutorials for competitive exams, the online classroom interactive, and domain based tutorials and assessments and the list goes. Cross country language modifier and translator of teaching are also part of this educational software domain.

The market is almost brimming with the educational software, and one can just go for them no matter whichever is the working status of the person is. The learning process with the help of this software has become much more interactive, understanding, analytical and attractive than ever before. The Operating system based learning software helps in troubleshooting settings related problems. Some of the commonly used educational software those, which are available, are Uberstudent (for Ubuntu), Open suse, Guana Linux Edu, Qimo, Tuxmath and the list goes. More and more software companies have given stress for the development of these kinds of software. Indeed almost all institutes from prep to Masters are using these types of software in all domains.

The sales of this segment have increased up to 45% in the last 10 years and will continue to see risen the coming days. The use of educational software has now become fully indispensable and will engage in all fields of education. These Software has made a massive change in the educational domain.

Visual CertExam Suite (v2.8.1)

744 downloads last week

Mimosa Scheduling Software Free Edition (v5.8.4)

327 downloads last week

Computer Specifications (v1.0)

114 downloads last week

Personal Ancestral File (v5.2.18)

101 downloads last week

Logisim (v2.7.1)

90 downloads last week

DSpeech (v1.56.5)

40 downloads last week

DipTrace (v2.3.0.2)

28 downloads last week

iTALC (v2.0)

24 downloads last week

FreeMat (v4.1.1)

17 downloads last week

Gejos Trandumper (v8.01)

14 downloads last week

DipTrace (64-Bit) (v2.3.0.2)

7 downloads last week

LunaSolCal (v2.4)

6 downloads last week

Enigeo (v4.0.1)

4 downloads last week

IP Finder (v2.0)

4 downloads last week

Cheat-Test Oracle 1Z0-052 Test Questions (v16.1)

3 downloads last week

Voice4Me (v1.0)

2 downloads last week

TurTrades (v0.5)

2 downloads last week

Kid Savvy PC (v2.2.6)

2 downloads last week

LiberOne (v1.6.527)

1 downloads last week

MPCluster (v2.1)

1 downloads last week