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Download free Miscellaneous Home Software

Softwares are of different types and so as the home software. The home software consists of different software, which differs from each other in functionality, but can be used for a professional work at home. This software helps us to perform varieties of works and develop miscellaneous interest among people sitting at home. Firstly, one can write articles for internet sites and different websites. It improves the writing habits and also technically writing get a standard quality.

Side by Side one can get information for plenty of unknown things around the world by writing articles. Secondly, data entry that is another option which involves various types like sending articles to directories, working with spreadsheets, and many other things which not only improve the writing skills but also one can get aware of different types of official paper works. Then there is the accounting home software which consist intelligent discussions, which makes clear that how much one can understand the complicated financial process and makes fully aware of the accounts and finance managing. One can also develop the talking habits and fluency in English by getting involved in the virtual assistant. In this one have to answering calls, sending and receiving of mails, etc.

One can also do something smart and unique if they are interested in designing and drawings related work. It enables the user to create different technically creative graphics, and the most valuable thing is that one can learn any language whether it is national or international by the language learning software. As there are lots of multiple home software available, which may turns into online business if anyone get interested in doing. These types of software are available at various web markets at reasonable prices.

AllInOne Keylogger (v3.6)

1,630 downloads last week

Screenshot Keylogger (v3.0.0.39)

1,101 downloads last week

The Hat (v3.0.1)

569 downloads last week

Weekly Planner for Excel (v1.0.2)

431 downloads last week

The Best Keylogger (v3.54 build 1000)

210 downloads last week

Tux Paint (v0.9.21c)

196 downloads last week

Animals for Kids (v3.2)

166 downloads last week

KidKeyLock (v2.2)

130 downloads last week

KidZui – The Internet for Kids (v6.0.206-6319)

91 downloads last week

FB Limiter (v1.2)

68 downloads last week

AthTek Keylogger (v3.5.8)

46 downloads last week

KeyProwler (v6.8.2)

31 downloads last week

Optenet Web Filter PC (v9.8)

21 downloads last week

SecretAgent Pro (v3.8)

15 downloads last week

TimesUpKidz (v2011-10-23)

7 downloads last week

Talking Flash Cards (v1.1)

7 downloads last week

PureSurf Desktop (v6.2)

7 downloads last week

iBrownie Universal Uninstaller (v3.03)

5 downloads last week

Kids Web Menu (v1.5)

5 downloads last week

Animal Fun House (v5.0.1)

4 downloads last week

Baby Diary (v2.5 build 563)

2 downloads last week


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