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Numbers of internet users increase day by day Due to uncountable, attractive and knowledgeable discoveries happening online. Different types of people use the net in a different way. Someone uses it like an online diary or a journal and someone for the promotion of their various types of product, and for this types of people, one of the useful and famous tool is the internet blogging. Nowadays, most of the website providers are providing various types of blogging software and tools package because of its increasing demand among the blogging users. Now it is essential for people to know the aims of their blogging venture, because it helps them to choose the best blogging software according to their needs.

As the best one will result to a well established and developed blog of yours. For only a personal blog, free software of blogging is best, but if one wants to earn money from their blog through web marketing then a paid one is the right choice. For this reason, this software is best to use, which with their personal hosting company, and a domain. This software enables the person to have full control on it and give the right to decide what to do with their blog. This software platform utilizes plug-ins, which is essential to add various features to your blog in a simple click of your mouse. By this software, one can create, maintain and update your blog, as well. One can automate many tasks by removing lots of time taking jobs. This software helps one to perform different types of publishing and promoting purposes.

The different types of blogging software available are Word Press, B2evolution, and Nucleus free blogging software.

Xnews (v5.04.25)

345 downloads last week

NewzCrawler (v1.9.0 build 4100)

140 downloads last week

b2evolution (v4.1.6)

77 downloads last week

Drupal (v7.18)

75 downloads last week

Bytescout Post2Blog (v3.01)

48 downloads last week

Chrysanth WebStory (v5.4)

8 downloads last week

Vlog It (v1)

8 downloads last week

Free Agent (v4.2 Build 1118)

7 downloads last week

GrabOut (v1.1.6)

7 downloads last week

Automated Blog Content (v1.0)

6 downloads last week

NewsGator (v2.6)

4 downloads last week

NewsReactor (v20120411.13)

4 downloads last week

RssReader (v1.0.96.2 beta RC3)

3 downloads last week

Feed Submitter (v5.0)

2 downloads last week

SharpReader (v0.9.7.0)

2 downloads last week

Fast Blog Finder (v3.2.3.1500)

2 downloads last week

RSS Feeds Toolbar for Internet Explorer (v1.2.01)

1 downloads last week

eggBlog (v4.0rc2)

1 downloads last week

WebPod Studio Professional (v1.25)

1 downloads last week

Blog Script for PHP (v1.1)

1 downloads last week