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The web resources are expanding day by day which is a benefit, but it also raises some new issues for all users. How could one possibly remember the web address of each web page? How one can go to the same page without repeating a tedious web search through numbers of pages? Obviously, it can be possible, and one simple way to solve the problem is to use the bookmark feature of the browser. Each browser has the “bookmark” or “favorites” option where database of web resources can be managed, but the bookmark system of web browser has some limitation that, it can only be compatible with specific web browser. So for different browser, one has to manage the bookmark list in each browser. It can be done, but the list can be cumbersome to use when it grows. Today creating and managing databases of web resources can be done in more convenient way.

There is a special program that stores and organizes bookmark with quick and convenient manner and offer a comprehensive solution to these problems. These programs are called the bookmark manager. It comes as online and standalone bookmark manager. Difference between online and standalone is in the location of the stored bookmark and the way of accessing the databases. The bookmark manager allows the powerful search function, Detection & deletion of the repeating bookmarks, and synchronization of bookmarks between different PC’s. Online bookmark manager stores bookmark on the remote server and one can access from any browser while a standalone bookmark manager runs on the PC, which stores the databases a hard drive. Now the choice is yours which one to use, all are available to download for hassle free browsing and managing the web resources.

AM-DeadLink (v4.6)

211 downloads last week

Linkman Lite (v8.71)

90 downloads last week

Electronic Phone Book (v1.8.5)

72 downloads last week

Compass (v2.83)

70 downloads last week

Bookmark Buddy (v3.7.5)

13 downloads last week

URL Gather (v2.0.1)

12 downloads last week

GMail Bookmark (v1.1)

8 downloads last week

Bookmark Converter (v2.9)

7 downloads last week

Advanced URL Catalog (v2.27)

7 downloads last week

URLBase Professional Edition (v6.1.0.1130)

5 downloads last week

Secret Bookmarks (v2.0)

3 downloads last week

BookmarkSync (v3.0)

3 downloads last week

Absolute Toolbar (v3)

3 downloads last week

Link Commander (v4.6.4)

3 downloads last week

Bookmarks WebMaker (v1.4)

2 downloads last week

Alert Bookmarks (v10.14)

1 downloads last week