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Download free iTunes Utilities Software

In this word of applications, functionality of all types of applications depends upon the different types of utilities supporting it as a backbone. So the same is for your iTunes library on your iPods as it runs enormous applications, which are not possible without the help of iTunes utilities. This ITunes utility contains varieties of functionality such as transfer, backup, restore and update of your iTunes library. It can easily manage the backup files; recover whole ITunes media files, transfer files to any other system from your application or vice-versa in a fast and efficient way.

There are different types of iTunes utilities to be chosen from its wide varieties. These are some of them which will help to consider which one is most & best suited to your requirements. Tune sweeper is iTunes utilities application, which has an ability to search duplicates, and waste tracks, and finds any missing link in ITunes library, and gets you an option whether to discard or keep the waste files from the list. Xilisoft iPods transfer is a utility which helps to transfers songs, videos, eBooks or photos from your applications to PC and from PC to your iPhones.

It transfers playlists directly, multiple view modes, and also export photos and videos. An Ilibs utility creates, manages and edits iTunes libraries on a system and also switches between them in an easy way. It is safe and comfortable for managing multiples iTunes library at a same time and also multiple users can also be created without wasting of time. These all types of ITunes utilities is easy to handle and compatible with all iPods models and also support different types of languages like English, French, and, many others.

CopyTrans TuneTastic (v0.730)

2,031 downloads last week

Xilisoft iPhone Transfer (v5.4.7.20121225)

1,173 downloads last week

CopyTrans TuneSwift (v1.681)

190 downloads last week

Tune Sweeper (v3.02)

98 downloads last week

iLibs (v2.64)

47 downloads last week

accessTunes (v1.7)

2 downloads last week