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In this technological world, everything has to be done with proper calculations. For this purpose, calculators are gaining their popularity among all of the students, engineers, scientists and other professionals. It is a handheld microelectronic device helpful for performing different types of numerical calculations. It is used from recent days, but the size and programming improved as the change of time. Modern calculators are structured not only for calculating, but it can performs varieties of other operations. The complexity of computers differ with the utilities of the calculators as calculators offer to calculate monthly installments of mortgages, loans and auto loans, which are commonly known as mortgage calculators, loan calculators and auto loan calculators respectively.

There are simple calculators available for simple addition purpose and scientific one for calculations of accounting and engineering purpose. This scientific calculator makes the work of engineers and scientists quite easier by performing statistical, mathematical and trigonometric functions. There are lots of advanced features added with calculators of today’s generation which are programmable, displays graphics and consists of applications like computer algebra systems. These calculators have lots of benefits as it is easy to use, convenience for any functions, and also user friendly. The different formats of calculators are VB theory calculator, used for chemical purpose. Numculator helps for mathematical functions or loan calculators for calculation of loans. Other types of this instrument are Ultimate calc pro, unit converter, cc calc and lots of more.

One can get all this types of calculators in online marketing websites which are stuffed with lots of features at a reasonable cost.

Microsoft Mathematics (32-bit) (v4.0)

242 downloads last week

SFR Calculator (v5.1.5)

97 downloads last week

Microsoft Mathematics (64-bit) (v4.0)

80 downloads last week

Unit Converter (v1.4)

30 downloads last week

Weight Watchers ProPoints Tracker (v1.0.2)

26 downloads last week

CCCalc (v2.2)

25 downloads last week

Precise Calculator (64-Bit) (v2.5)

5 downloads last week

Calculator (v2.2.2.4)

4 downloads last week

Super Unit Converter (v1.2)

3 downloads last week

AureoSoft See-and-Calc (v1.0)

2 downloads last week

Mortgage Calculator (v1.0)

2 downloads last week

UltimaCalc Pro (v4.1.965)

2 downloads last week

DateMathica (v2.0)

1 downloads last week

VBTheory Calculator Portable (v5.1)

1 downloads last week

Unit Conversion (v1.0)

1 downloads last week

Numculator (v1.5.0.1)

1 downloads last week

Big Numbers (v0.1.0.1)

1 downloads last week