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Download free Contact Management Software

Contact management software is a program, which is not only needed for storing and managing all the contacts of relatives and various others peoples, but also it proved its efficiency in field of business empire. As the needs of contact management in business is vital for effective sales, marketing as well as in number of other services; this contact management software enables to manage all the records regarding contacts like mailing address, multiple phone numbers, notes and history with so much ease. This software is a marketing and operational tool provides the small and medium sized businesses a dedicated database, which is quite helpful for detailed recordings of all the dealings done between staff and customers.

It is a solution for managing online business activities and contacts for different clients, vendors, corporate workshops, training professionals and employees. It handles the efficient requirements of the most puzzled industry with maximum flexibility and offers accurate and consistent information every time. It is user friendly software by which one can organize information of all the contacts, import and export contact lists, customize fields and sections, share folders with all users and also share their contacts with family, friends and colleagues in a safe environment. It is capable of searching users with the contact management database and also sorts the information of customers by phone number, company name, name or e-mail address. One can not only make necessary modifications and add anything in the contact information but also offers deleting any types of contact details.

Some software’s like iPod sync, time and chaos, address book etc. are fully loaded with the features of contact management. Most website providers offer free trial software or some had to be paid, but before buying this software one must have knowledge about its business requirements.

Mobiledit Lite (v6.9.0.2848)

5,166 downloads last week

Easy Address Book (v3.02)

989 downloads last week

Stickies (v7.1e)

915 downloads last week

OxyCube (v1.4.1.3)

607 downloads last week

E-Z Contact Book (v2.7)

413 downloads last week

Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia Phones (v2.18.14)

227 downloads last week

DataPilot (v7.01)

147 downloads last week

ReadytoPrint Organizer (v5.017)

90 downloads last week

RoboForm2Go (v7.8.5.7)

88 downloads last week

EssentialPIM Free (v5.03)

66 downloads last week

Open Contacts (v6.1.9.727)

60 downloads last week

Lexa Organizer (v3.5)

40 downloads last week

Time and Chaos (v8.0.5.9)

40 downloads last week

Ultra Hal Assistant (v6.2.28)

35 downloads last week

Pimex (v1.26)

33 downloads last week

Address Book Standard (v2)

31 downloads last week

LogoManager Pro Suite (v3.0)

31 downloads last week

Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian Smartphones (v2.18.24)

26 downloads last week

Password Agent Lite (v2.6.3)

25 downloads last week

Mozilla Sunbird (v0.9)

16 downloads last week

Chaos Manager (v2.25)

11 downloads last week

Act 2000 Update (v5.0.4)

8 downloads last week

CAMagic Mobile (v3.1)

8 downloads last week

TurboNote+ (v7.0)

7 downloads last week

iPodSync (v2.3 build 837)

4 downloads last week

Schedule Wizard Standard Edition (v4.35.4345)

2 downloads last week

Chronilist (v6)

1 downloads last week