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Download free Battery Utilities

Nowadays battery has become the precious need for the maximum of people whether it will be laptop, desktops, UPS, and different other products, without battery these all items remains only a toy. But one should be fully aware of the tips for long life of batteries, unless some unwanted happening will destroy the battery then and there. This battery utilities software helps to intake the knowledge about taking care of all types of batteries. There are varieties of battery utilities software depending on types of battery and its functioning, as software for laptops differs from that of UPS of computer.

One can understand how to keep safe the batteries, its maintenance, providing long life to battery and lots of other functionalities require for the better working of the batteries as it is the heart of your laptops, desktop and other elements. Power panel business edition is one type of battery utilities software, which is very user friendly and stuffed with advanced features which manage the entire UPS unit with reliability and flexibility. It is capable to monitor the status of battery backup by viewing it’s all information, managing settings for restarting and shutdown, and lots of more.

Another one is Battery Watcher that is a smart lightweight tool for maintaining the batteries of laptop. This application indicates the status of battery whether it is low or full with a sound, leading to make the users free from the worry of life status of battery. There are lots of other software like power panel, battery info view, which one can get online at free or at an affordable price.

BatteryCare (v0.9.12.1)

1,183 downloads last week

Battery Meter (v1.0)

468 downloads last week

Battery Optimizer (v3.0.5.18)

211 downloads last week

Smart Brightness Controller (v1.7.1)

206 downloads last week

Imtec Battery Mark (v1.1)

102 downloads last week

Smarter Battery (v2.1)

96 downloads last week

BMJ Battery Monitor (v20110214)

46 downloads last week

PowerPanel Personal Edition (v1.3)

21 downloads last week

BatteryInfoView (v1.16)

18 downloads last week

BatteryCare Portable (v0.9.12.1)

15 downloads last week

Free Linux Recovery (v2.1)

8 downloads last week

Battery Watcher (v1.6.2)

8 downloads last week

PowerPanel Business Edition for UPS (v1.6)

5 downloads last week

pow4 (v0.102)

2 downloads last week

PowerPanel Plus (v2.1.9)

2 downloads last week

PowerPanel (v2.1.8)

2 downloads last week

Remove Local Notes Security (v1.0)

1 downloads last week

PowerPanel Business Edition for PDU (v1.6)

1 downloads last week

SaversOff (v)

downloads last week